Up Close – The “Traditional” Adidas Copa 2018

That is what adidas has done on the second Copa17 release, treating fans to a crisp Black leather upper, with signature white/red detailing….and it is a look that absolutely works! In the Copa17, adidas has a pretty pitch perfect heir to the Cheap adidas Mundial Team Modern Craft Core Black Gold Metallic throne. But, in order to truly create a modern, updated version you have to place the traditional colors on the boot.

Right out of the box, the k-leather upper is super supple and ready for action. As you slip your foot into the boot, you will notice how easily the entire structure molds to your shape. All of the materials are designed to offer a natural feel and it really does create a feeling of comfort and security right from first wear. This is obviously not a power boot and there are no external elements on the ultra supple K-leather upper. Instead, you are getting a steady and reliable passing boot that provides a natural level of feel on the ball and clean touch.

Find this colorway available at football-australia.com.

If you decide to wear the tongue straight up against your ankle, you really won’t notice it is there. The material is very soft, so there is no issue with comfort. It is more about the visual impact it creates, and the confusion from fans wondering how you are supposed to wear it. Although you can fold the material over like a tongue, it really doesn’t sit in place.

adidas Copa 2018 adidas Copa

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